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"Good enough" is NEVER "good enough" for iCat. We always strive for PERFECTION.


"Pixel perfect" designs and functional UX.


We deliver fast. If "Speedy Gonzales" was a developer he would definitely be working at iCat...

Horos Mobile™

Horos Mobile™ for iOS is here!

Horos Mobile™ is a companion app for Horos (https://horosproject.org) DICOM viewer.
This free app has been exclusively funded and developed by iCat Solutions.

The DICOM viewer of the future now has a name!

Horos Mobile™ is a trademark of iCat Solutions Ltd

iRad Xrays

An amazing 3D Radiographic Positioning & Anatomy atlas with more than 135 radiographic exams and correlating anatomy all in 3D & AR

"I think it is no exaggeration to say that this will revolutionize how radiologic technologists learn and review proper positioning for the various plain film x-ray radiographic examinations being performed throughout the body today. It is truly the 3D nature of the rendering provided by this app that makes it so novel and blows away all other hard copy and electronic radiographic examination teaching tools.



Making the invisible...visible™

The MagnetVision™ app was designed and developed by iCat Solutions on behalf of Dr Kanal. It is designed to be used as an MR safety teaching tool for those who have attended one of Dr. Kanal's MRMD/MRSO MR Safety Training Courses. The app represents a graphic embodiment of the Kanal Method, the procedures developed and utilized by Dr. Kanal in his clinical practice when he performs risk assessments on patients with implants/devices/foreign bodies (IDFB) who are requested to undergo MRI examinations.

All trademarks are property of Dr. E. Kanal

CT Anatomy

Awarded "Best Radiology Mobile app" for 2015 by AuntMinnie.com

CT Anatomy is a cross-sectional CT axial anatomy guide, developed by iCat Solutions. Simple, intuitive and beautiful.

A plethora of features, made CT Anatomy the #1 anatomy atlas in the AppStore after it had been featured by Apple Inc.

AR Anatomy: Skeleton

We believe Augmented Reality is the future in education!

AR Anatomy, is a high detail and anatomically accurate app that covers the anatomy of the human skeleton from head to toe (literally).

Users can search or simply tap on a bone to find out more about the selected anatomical structure in 3D and in Augmented Reality

Vita - Lab Reference Values

Lab tests seen differently!

An unprecedented experience in viewing laboratory reference values. A comprehensive library of medical laboratory tests with description, explanatory text, indications for increased/decreased lab test values, critical values (where applicable), US/SI unit system support, and collection tube color-coding references.

The best laboratory reference pocket guide I used!

AppStore review (labtech1987)

App Development

From idea to reality.
Wireframing - UI - UX - Coding.


Visualize your idea... After all a picture says one thousand words!
at least that's what we've heard ;)


We are beautiful inside and outside. Sometimes we make T-shirts of our code. It is THAT beautiful.
pssst... you can ask for one if you like ;)

Quality Assurance

No "bugs" allowed at iCat. We make sure your app is running without as smooth as possible.

Aftercare Support

Maintenance and support after development is completed. We keep your app in pristine condition!

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is nothing...

Founded in 2013, iCat Solutions has become one of the leading providers of exceptional quality, innovative software products.

"Our aim is to provide the highest quality apps for professionals and students all around the world"

  • Our team of dedicated and top developers has more than 15 years experience in 3D, Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) . Combined with our pixel perfect designs we offer beautiful products for your business.
  • iCat Solutions is an award winning company that has won "Best Radiology Mobile app for 2015" by AuntMinnie.com for our own deigned CT Anatomy app.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering fast, but highly professional and accurate apps in all range of businesses.

"Using the latest technologies we offer infinite possibilities for mobile applications".

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